Ioulia works as a fitness instructor and a sport teacher at school while completing her studies in physical education. She starts training gymnastic rhythmic as a child and wins several times the Swiss Championship, alone and in group.

Fabien holds a Master’s degree in information management and works as a software engineer. At the age of 6, his mother signs him up to an acrobatic rock’n’roll class and Fabien gets passionate. He competes in national and international tournaments, achieving several medals over the years with different female partners in different categories. In 2013, the acrobatic rock’n’roll dancer has the huge opportunity to take part in the World Dance Sport Games in Taiwan. Feeling his passion for dance growing, Fabien also takes class in other dance styles, including hip hop, house, jazz and contemporary.

In the beginning of the year 2014, Fabien is looking for a new dance partner to pursue his dreams and to compete at an even higher level. In his quest for a new dance partner, Fabien remembers that he was once fascinated by the expressivity and grace of Ioulia which he saw perform once in a show with another partner. Convinced of her potential, Fabien decides to contact Ioulia in February 2014, even though she has almost no experience in that sport. He asks her she would be interested in becoming his new acrobatic rock’n’roll dance partner and competing at a high level. After a few promising trial trainings, Ioulia accepts the challenge and a new dance couple is born!  Despite being almost a novice in this sport, Ioulia adapts incredibly fast and within a few months they succeed in rising to the top couples of the main competition class. After 4 months they become Swiss vice champions. On 1st October 2014 already, they win a World Master competition in Moscow, qualify for the World Championship that took place 2 weeks later where they rank 3rd. All those incredible competition results lead them directly to the 1st place of the world ranking list which they maintain for an entire year until they stop competing at the end of 2015, after becoming Swiss and Vice European Champion.

In parallel to acrobatic rock’n’roll competitions, the dance duet also specializes in acrobatic dance adagio and starts preforming all around the world for all kinds of events including galas, varieties, talent shows, vacation resorts, etc.

The two artists choreograph their own acts revealing passion, emotions, seduction, energy and combining different dance and acrobatic styles. By featuring some unique artistic touches, the dance duet stands out at the European Dance Awards in 2015 as well as in the Swiss TV show “Switzerland’s Got Talent” in 2016 by ranking 2nd. After a baby break between 2017 and 2019, the duet resumes their collaboration in 2019 by making an impressive comeback in the TV show “Das Supertalent” in Germany.  Since then, the two artists keep living their passion together and performing on different stages.